Industrial /Summer Training For Matric, Inter, ITI, Diploma and Undergraduate Engineering Students

(All Semester of Electrical, Electronics, E & T, E & E, Mechanical Students)

Industrial Training play very important role in the career of students. Due to lack of practical knowledge in School/ college program Industrial Training become essential for students. Industrial Training helps students to become himself as employable candidate. No doubt, Industrial training is essential part of School/ College program.

It should also be noted that developing an awareness of general workplace behavior and interpersonal skills are important objectives of the Industrial Training experience. At the end of the Industrial Training, students should be able to improve their knowledge and skills relevant to their areas of specialization and at the same time able to relate, apply and adapt relevant knowledge, concepts and theories within an industrial organization, practice and ethics. With this experience and exposure the students should be able to acquire knowledge and skills to competent in the job market.

Ekta Telecommunication & Systems is a leading ISO Certified Electronics & Telecom based Industry established in year 1993, that has started an Industrial Training program for students (Matric, Inter, ITI, Diploma, Graduate) or fresher’s and transforms them into professionals in the field of Electronics, Electrical and Mechanical.

The objectives of the Industrial Training include:

  • To give students the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired on campus in a real life work situation.
  • To provide students with opportunities for practical, hands-on learning from practitioners the students’ areas of specialization
  • To expose students to a work environment, common practices, employment opportunities and work ethics in their relevant field.
  • To enhance the employability skills of the students.
  • To provide opportunities for students to be offered jobs in the Organizations in which they undergo their Industrial Training.
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Courses for Industrial /Summer Training cum Skill Development –

  1. Electrical
  2. Industrial Electronics
  3. Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM)
  4. Solar Energy Technology
  5. Industrial Electrical and Electronics

Course Details:-

Sl.No Name of Training Course Course Details Duration Fee
  • • Motor and Motor Control
  • • Variable Frequency Drives
  • • Circuit Protection
  • • Transformers
Duration 6 weeks
(36 hours)
Rs. 3600/-
  • • Basic Electricity Principles
  • • DC Circuits
  • • AC Circuits
  • • Motors and Servos
  • • Semiconductors
  • • Power Supplies
Duration 6 weeks
(36 hours)
Rs. 3600/-
  • • Basic Electronics
  • • Semiconductor Device and Application
  • • Power Systems
  • • UPS & Inverter
  • • Stabilizer
Duration 6 weeks
(36 hours)
Rs. 3600/-
  • • Basic Electronics
  • • Soldering Disordering
  • • Electronics Components
  • • Component Testers
  • • Fault Finding
Duration 6 weeks
(36 hours)
Rs. 3600/-
  • • Basic of Solar Energy
  • • Solar Components
  • • Solar Panel
  • • Thermal Solar
  • • Installation of Solar Panel
Duration 6 weeks
(36 hours)
Rs. 3600/-
  • Cost of Application Form Rs. 200/- ( Non-Refundable)